Over 60 years of passion , research and technological and productive innovations , developed in the direction of a deep ‘ yarn education’ : this is the story of Filatura di Pollone.
Born in 1953 from entrepreneurial intuition of Attilio Botto , the company has built a strong position either in domestic and export market concerning woolen spinning.

In year 1972 Silvio Maffeo , manager and in the meantime entered in share capital who still today represents the reference of company principal strategic choices , takes important steps on the road of innovations that will define all the story of Filatura di Pollone giving himself the possibility to develop big innovations in yarn business.

In the same year , Mr Maffeo together with his management comprehends the opportunity to adjust the technology of open-end spinning , till that moment used used only for cotton spinning system, in order to work natural , sinthetic , artificial and mixed fibres obtaining in this way a big increase of business productivity.This modernisation of structures and processes is growing constantly in 70’s and 80’s.

Filatura di Pollone extends his product range particularly on open-end spinning , the technical innovations combined with a widespread sales network gives the possibility to strenghten his position either in domestic and export market.